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#DoItRight By - Zainab Faizal

Being a millennial in a world with a massive influx of the youth and the older generation - can be frightening. Falling into this category, automatically labels you as an entitled millennial - when in-fact you’re really not. A major contributing factor to millennials being constantly called out on every social media platform to the in depth research conducted on them as well as the multiple articles are due to their spending power. Why does this make them irresponsible? Over privileged? Because of HOW and WHAT they actually spend it on.

Being a responsible consumer applies to everyone, however it is usually disregarded by the majority of the population that fall into the millennials category. Being responsible, means being ethical and to be ethical means you need to make the decision of having a higher purchasing power especially since anything ethically sourced comes with a hefty price.

For instance, if we take food. The average individual is likely to barge into a fast food chain and consume a meal that’s not only easy on the wallet but also filling, however what they fail to understand is the long term effects of the fast food phenomena and that most of these businesses aren’t ethically sourced. Despite, many moving into the trend of a #healthylifestyle and consuming healthy food, the majority still fails to make the right choice.

Furthermore, social media plays a massive role in influencing ones lifestyle and if healthy lifestyle is trending online, it’s likely the sudden shift in consumer patterns are solely due to social conformity and not done because it’s the right thing to do. Another trend is to allocate all spending on the aspect of travel instead of saving up for to enable the individual to eventually build a home. There’s the constant notion of living in the moment instead of thinking ahead and #YOLO is the living and breathing mantra.

Fashion is a massive aspect of an individual. Nowadays it’s not just about the design or how good it looks, it’s centered on responsible fashion movements and ensuring that the money spent goes into the businesses that are ethically sourced instead of high street fashion labels in which the majority of brands establish work station in the under developed nations with child labor and poor legislature and safety for the factory workers. Individuals are more focused on style instead of where their clothes come from, and with fashion being revolutionized, the average millennial is now forced to think twice before making that purchase.

In other words, were mostly privileged and blessed to be where we are at, that doesn’t make us any lesser of someone who has it much tougher. We’ve probably come to our peak much faster due to certain factors but it’s imperative that our actions speak louder than words. With the world constantly holding the spotlight on the millennials it’s time to have something worth shinning for which emits through ones look and lifestyle. Start small, and let these make a true impact in ones life to truly shine. Entitled millennial? I think not.