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When I was a kid, my whole life I wanted to do something that’ll touch as many hearts and I won’t be forgotten. It might sound really cheesy and odd for a kid to think this far, but that’s just about what I wanted to do. Initially it was the constant pressure of needing to fulfill the much overrated profession of being a doctor or something that everyone else around you would be “wow” but unless it’s not your forte you end up feeling “meh” - nevertheless my quest to figuring out what I wanted to do didn’t end despite 8th grade chemistry failed my dreams of diagnosing illnesses.
I’ve always been a megalomaniac, because I loved to read and was deeply intrigued by success stories to the endless possibilities this world has to offer, that there’s more to “success” than being an engineer or a lawyer. I found purpose in writing and through my creative content. In school, I’d spend hours writing witty stories of everything that could be. From 9th grade amateur chick flick novels to reading possibly everything the library had to offer to e books on the internet - I made it to where I am now!

The internet and social media has painted an image of being a blogger or an influencer as something extremely glamorous. The biggest notion is that those around assume we’re entitled, loaded or super lucky. We’re not. It’s a different ball game when it comes to the world of making original content.

Being in the industry for over two years, I’ve realized there are many souls that are simply wandering without direction nor purpose. Work, education and everyday routines have simply become “routines” the fact that we no longer wish to take a step back and think about WHY we are doing what we do, if there’s truly a purpose?

Sri Lanka on the whole has been having a steady growth on the social media scene with so many bloggers and influencers popping up, but the quality over quantity is yet something that needs to be registered in every individual. The fact that being a writer or a blogger is extremely competitive, the only way to remain as a long standing blogger is to have true purpose. Your feed or writing is simply not influenced by a free product, or to fill your bank account. Being ambitious is great, but just like how the doctors purpose is to offer a service that’ll help patients out - you need to master yours. It might take years before you realize it, or just in the blink of an eye sudden realization would hit you - but doing something for the sake of it, wouldn’t take you far.

Fashion has been a wonderful key element in my life, as a lifestyle incorporation - what I wear says a lot about me - whether it’s sustainable fashion of you doing your part in this world or simply feeling absolutely powerful in your heels or skinny jeans - it’s important that your purpose screams through different outlets. For me, being a Muslim blogger in a country that’s been at war and in a world where racial and religion discrimination takes place, I find great comfort in my hijab and wearing modest clothing to do what I always want to do. That breaking stereotypes is great, but to a purpose where you are the average Muslim girl regardless of what you wear or do can be inspiring to at least one individual out there - I would feel satisfied.