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Sarees—whether you wear them everyday to work or occasionally for meetings or weddings—are definitely a wardrobe staple in most South Asian women's wardrobes! And with the 'new Sri Lankan style' movement around the new-age reinvention of sarees, there are countless ways to style this versatile outfit to fit any kind of occasion and your own personality! With this quick piece, we're giving a twist to a few handloom and batik sarees from Urban Drape and creating interesting looks that you can shop online in Sri Lanka or from anywhere around the world on for a free delivery to your doorstep! Find your comfort drape-fix and get shopping on!

LOOK 1: All About The Layers
With one layer being the reverse drape falling over the shoulder, add another by pairing it with the coolest jacket from your wardrobe for a strikingly unusual business casual look.

What you need: A statement jacket, kimono, trench, cardigan or layering piece of your choice that complements a quirky six yard from

LOOK 2: The Criss-Cross Chic Simple, elegant, chic; the criss-cross styling of any saree with an accentuated fall/headpiece is the perfect way to go for an easy to wear wedding look and to make heads turn.
What you need: A saree with accentuated details on the fall/headpiece and minimal accessories to complete the look.

LOOK 3: Scarf-It
When in doubt, scarf it out! This no-fuss look is easy to achieve; simply wear the saree as you normally would and drape the headpiece/fall around your neck like a scarf. For a rushed day to work, an uber cool street style look for a college function or a day-time event, this styling has got your back!
What you need: A croptop or a blouse with simple, minimal silhouette and an uber cool saree. Check some styles out on here:

LOOK 4: The Gutsy Belt Away
Although we're calling it gutsy, all it takes to pull off this modern version of traditional waist-jewellery styled saree look is your bold personality. Drape your saree just as you like it and throw in a belt to match or contrast your saree. Nothing else, you're good to go!
What you need: A fun flair to wear the long and a belt that adds the maximum effect to your saree.